On 8th October 1994, driven by a strong passion for art since adolescence, Stefania Benazzo opens an antique shop “Sei Del Castello”, in via Del Castello 6, Piacenza, dealing with the acquisition of furniture, paintings, sculptures and art objects ranging from the fifteenth to the twentieth century.


Two decades later to the day, “Sei Del Castello” moves to a new space in Via Mazzini 23, in the heart of Piacenza, where eclectically selected art objects come together, all sharing the common denominator of quality.

Stefania’s choices are often driven by instinct. She is guided by her creative intuition and the elegance gained from her interior designer experience, merging happily in the gallery’s dynamic collection.

In fact, the collection almost contextualises works of art, giving them new life in a contemporary habitat. This wonderfully expressive setting showcases unique pieces, furniture, art and “wunderkammer’ s objects” that represent her taste, often consisting of refined neoclassical furniture and sculptures that evoke elegance and charm, along with paintings depicting original scenes or created with unusual techniques.

Her passion for interiors and scenography, give further character and added value to the artistic research of each piece, finding a combination of strength and harmony, of high aesthetic sense, but also of high intrinsic value.

Sei del Castello aims to discover and enhance what is special and unique, beyond fashion, to share with those who pursue this magnificent passion, sometimes lived in an ethereal and timeless reality.

“ABOVE TIME…” (Aurelia Fusco)

Nothing would have been possible without you Aurelia
Thank you
Endless love


Below a wing of light breathes a little star held in the indigo.